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Business support institutions

The main objective of the COMPETITIVENESS PROGRAMME is to provide support for enterprises. The programme also stimulates the development of business support institutions and the creation of favourable conditions for enterprise development.

One of the programme’s priorities constitute actions meant to assist business support institutions. The programme will facilitate the enterprises’ operations within the Single European Market due to the supported granted for business support institutions. Reinforcement of this type of services as well as enhancement of their quality and availability will be conducive to the development of enterprises.

The partial objectives of these actions are:

  • stimulating entrepreneurship and innovative activity by providing access to high quality services rendered by business support institutions, 
  • facilitating the opportunities to finance investments, 
  • preparing the modern infrastructure for carrying out business activity, 
  • developing  entrepreneurship by reinforcement of the links between the research and development (R&D) sector and enterprises,
  • increasing the efficiency of the implementation and commercialization of innovations, including technology transfer,
  • increasing access to, and the scope of public services on-line.

The above-mentioned actions enable the creation of  business support networks. They enliven and reinforce the co-operation between the R&D sphere with enterprises as well as increase the enterprises’ access to capital. They also improve the technological and institutional infrastructure of enterprises, including accessibility to information and services rendered on-line by public sector institutions.

Implementing Institutions
Enterprises are assisted in receiving financial support from the EU funds by proper implementing institutions. The choice of the institution depends on the project and the area of support of the enterprise’s interest. The implementing institutions for the particular projects are:

  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development 
  • The Industrial Development Agency

It is of great importance to check as soon as possible which of these institutions will be the enterprise’s partner during the project implementation. The enterprise should keep in touch with the proper institution, collect  information, and follow news on the given institution’s website.

How to select the proper institution?
The first step in order to apply for support is to identify the appropriate implementing institution. The following classification of the areas of assistance – that singles out particular measures, and then identifies the implementing institution – may come in handy when selecting the proper institution.

Appropriate measures are determined, after having identified the type of institution applying for support, according to the following scheme:

  • business support institutions, and their networks rendering a variety of supportive services in favour of enterprises (see: measure 1.1),
  • regional and local loan funds, loan guarantee funds and seed capital funds (see: sub-measure 1.2),
  • companies managing industrial parks, science and technology parks and technology incubators (including academic entrepreneurship) (see: sub-measure 1.3),
  • institutions, organizations (networks, consortia) of the R&D sphere, companies, groups of companies and organizations ( networks, consortia) of research companies and institutions (see: measure 1.4),
  • governmental administration institutions (see: measure 1.5).





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Business support institutions

Business support institutions
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